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        Chongqi Knows inflatable sport tent, we have been in the business 13 years and we own skilled workers and rich product experiences. The professional R&D team will make the products base your budget and needs, whether it is run a football court, badminton court, paintball court and volleyball court etc., which is available in various size and style. Sporting tent is usually made into airsealed style which is inflate before use it, then you can use it throughout the sports events. By the way, take the bigger size into condition, in order to make sure there is always enough air pressure inside, our company has developed special automatic machine which can supply air automatically to the tent. Which make sure 100% safety of the big sized sporting tent.
        Inflatable sporting tent is a new and popular products, people can be very interested in and with the other advantages,inflatable tent is much cheaper than concrete buildings, with it can be moved around easily and conveniently. For special requirements usage, like repeatedly use and move around, the tent can be made into unsealed style as well which needs blowers working all the time and this style is even cheaper than airtight tents.
        If you enjoy easy and convenient sport field, Inflatable sport tent from Chongqi is your best choice.

    Description of Inflatable Sport Tent

    Brand ChongQi

    1. Air filled by blower or once inflated

    2. Strong & wind-resistant

    3. Available in various sizes and colors

    hga010网址登录4. Digitally-printed full cover envelope, logo or graphic can be customized

    5. Quick set up: 5-250 minutes


    1. Parties

    2. Storage

    3. Health Care

    4. Sports

    hga010网址登录5. Projective

    6. Special or Corporate events

    hga010网址登录7. Festival


    Package Double-layer packing
    workmanship Sewing, Hot welding
    Shipping way By air, sea, express
    Components Tent, Blower, Repair Kit

    Details of Components

    Size 16-2600 square meters
    Material pvc tarpaulin/oxford cloth
    Colors Any colors you need
    Advanced Splicing Technology Applying wire stitching to make the pinhole very small to resistant the air loss or completely airtight


    Type of Tents party tent, sporting tent,storage tent,projective tent, advertising tent, wedding tent,lighting tent, airtight tent and air supported structure etc.
    Power of Tents 750W, 1500W for blower, 600W, 1000W for high-pressure pump.
    Supply Voltage 110V, 220V
    Type of Plug According to customer’s requirements


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    inflatable party tent,inflatable event tent,inflatable advertising tent, inflatable sports tent, inflatable exhibition tent

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